THEMIS goes Platzl: From April 2022, the head office of Themis will be located at Platzl 5.

In Munich there is a Hofbräuhaus...
and #THEMIS will move with its #GalerieKanzlei in April 2022 directly next door to #Platzl 5 in the Beletage on the first floor!

We are proud and happy to announce our new location in Munich's best and most beautiful city centre location: The PLATZL, the place that every Munich resident and every guest of our beautiful city knows, long the home of a famous Munich chef, the Kini vom Platzl...

From our meeting room you will enjoy a unique view of the #Kosttor and the #Maximilianstrasse. And for a cosy beer or a good meal, all you really have to do is step out of the house. The opera is right across the street and so are the beautiful shops in Maximilianstrasse.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful new rooms in a listed German Renaissance town palace! By the way, the old city wall is part of the chancery building.

And if you are looking for something: there are still a few rooms aligned to the Platzl for rent at comparatively really favourable conditions. If you are interested, please send us an email or call us at 089 9901 8300.