The new Cultural Property Protection Act

A guide for practice with Axa Art

RA Dr Hannes Hartung has published a guide to the new Cultural Property Protection Act with the leading international art insurance company.


Dear art lovers,

The new Cultural Property Protection Act (KGSG) has come into force.
On 06.08.2016, the controversial cultural policy discussions ended - for the time being - with the amendment. The law contains a number of new terms and legal institutions for which there are only a few procedures so far and certainly no court decisions.

This guide is intended to help you deal with the new law in practice. It describes the new procedures and issues that are important in connection with the law. Assessments and descriptions of the new indeterminate legal terms are the author's personal view. Practice and case law will show how this will be dealt with in the future.
Topics that are not particularly relevant to the art market were not included in the Guide. These include, for example, restitution claims against member states and contracting states.
The new Cultural Property Protection Act is only just beginning. Together with AXA ART, I look forward to sharing your experiences and insights with the new law.

We wish you a profitable read!