Statement by RA Dr. Hannes Hartung on the shredded Banksy in the WELT

In the WELT of 13.10.2018 RA Dr Hannes Hartung comments on the spectacular auction of Banksy's "Girl with balloon".

Immediately after the award, the picture was cut into strips by a shredder integrated in the frame. RA Dr. Hartung on this:

"What is and what is the intended use of a Banksy?" asks lawyer Hartung, who basically recognises a material defect here, a term that exists in German as well as British civil law: "But the supposed defect of a half-destruction of the Banksy itself becomes a work of art, a performance and a happening." From a purely legal point of view, the picture might even become more valuable, "a performatively ennobled super-unique".

You can read the full article here.