New Mannheim ARTIMA Guide Challenges Looted Art, Degenerate Art and Looted Art

For Mannheimer ARTIMA, Dr. Hannes Hartung, lawyer, has written a practical guide on the proper handling
with looted art, degenerate art and looted art. It provides a concise introduction to all relevant issues
for art lovers, art collectors, museums, insurance companies and the art market.

You can download the guide here:

Challenges Looted Art Looted Art Degenerate Art

The preface states:

Dear art lovers,

Since the "Schwabing Art Find" of the Gurlitt Collection, the topic of looted art has been on everyone's lips.
According to estimates, the Nazi art robbery affected almost one third of all the
Works of art. Many cases that are often highly charged emotionally remain unsolved to this day.
This small guide is intended to provide you with an initial orientation on how to deal with looted art,
degenerate art and looted art. It is addressed to both claimants and
to the persons and institutions involved.
Comprehensive transparency and fairness are the order of the day in dealing with this
sensitive topic. May this guide provide you with initial assistance in this regard and help you to
inform interested members of the public. This guideline can support qualified counselling in individual cases.
do not replace. I am always at your disposal for questions and suggestions.

I hope you enjoy the book and wish you a stimulating read.

Your Hannes Hartung