Monika Slepicka

Monika Slepicka

Attorney at Law, Specialist Lawyer for Inheritance Law, Counsel

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At a glance

Monika Slepicka - Lawyer

Monika Slepicka
Attorney at Law, Specialist Lawyer for Inheritance Law, Counsel




  • Lawyer since 2015
  • Specialist lawyer for inheritance law
  • Certified executor (DVEV)

Main focus

  • Inheritance law (drafting of wills, settlement of estates, communities of heirs, right to a compulsory portion, etc.)
  • Execution of wills
  • International law of succession
  • Gift and inheritance tax law
  • Asset provision
  • Family law
  • General civil law

Legal focus

In detail

Ms Monika Slepicka was admitted to the bar in 2015. 

Ever since her legal clerkship in well-known inheritance law and commercial law firms, inheritance law and tax-optimised asset succession have been the exclusive focus of lawyer Monika Slepicka's legal work.

She has theoretical knowledge of the specialist lawyer course in tax law and additionally offers holistic advice for our clients through her many years of expertise as a specialist lawyer for inheritance law and supports them in the implementation of their testamentary wishes. Clients receive an estate concept tailored to their individual asset situation. Issues of corporate law and foundation law are also taken into account holistically and designed according to the individual needs of our clients.

Lawyer Monika Slepicka also works as an executor of wills and is thus specialised in estate settlements both in Austria and abroad and knows the needs of communities of heirs. Her aim is to facilitate the settlement of estates in a way that avoids disputes as far as possible and to avoid pitfalls in the context of succession planning and inheritance tax law. As executor of a will, Monika Slepicka also represents clients for and against executors.