Interviews & statements by lawyer Dr Hannes Hartung

Background to the Cornelius Gurlitt Collection

Dr Hannes Hartung commented on the acceptance of the inheritance by the Kunstmuseum Bern in an extensive article in the newspaper DIE WELT on 26 November 2014. He also gave an interview to Deutsche Welle (DW) Kultur on the question of the testamentary capacity of the testator Cornelius Gurlitt. You can access the current contributions below:


Older statements by RA Dr Hannes Hartung as former lawyer of Mr Cornelius Gurlitt in his private law matters can be found here (in excerpt):


Criticism of the unequal treatment of Cornelius Gurlitt - Information page on the discussions about the Gurlitt Collection:

Munich, 17.02.2014. "In Germany, there are many public and private collections in which the proportion of potentially looted art is much higher than in the Gurlitt Collection - but there are apparently no sanctions for these collections and the museum directors responsible there," complains Dr Hannes Hartung, Cornelius Gurlitt's art lawyer. "We are currently negotiating with six claimants, which corresponds to 3% of the Schwabing part of the collection. More have not contacted us to date," explains Dr Hannes Hartung.

The Gurlitt Collection has been discussed controversially and sometimes emotionally in recent months - in terms of the legal, political and also moral aspects, this is not surprising.