Interview by RA Dr Hannes Hartung in the Süddeutsche Zeitung

From the contents:

Hannes Hartung was a member of the CSU's district executive committee for two years, before he 2017 left the party and switched to the FDP. Today he is the local chairman of the Liberals in Baierbrunn.

The 44 year-old lawyer is considered a luminary in the field of art law. He represented Cornelius Gurlitt in what is probably the best-known case involving looted Nazi art and recently initiated proceedings against the city of Munich for banning Stolpersteine (stumbling stones). He was born in Ulm, studied and did his doctorate in Tübingen and Zurich. While still a student he 1995 joined the CDU; after moving to Munich, he switched to the sister party, the CSU.

The rather political interview you can read here.