Lawyer Dr Hannes Hartung has been in charge of or supervised nationally to globally known cases on both sides, such as the Gurlitt Collection (Schwabing Art Find), the successful preservation of Paul Klee's swamp legend ("degenerate art") in the Lenbachhaus, a major bank that was sued for a painting worth over €50 million, the heir to the Jewish collection Robert Graetz and the constitutional complaint of David Oppenheimer. The book "Kunstraub in Krieg und Verfolgung" (de Gruyter Recht, Berlin 2005) by lawyer Dr Hannes Hartung is one of the standard works on art restitution.

Our top priority is to achieve fair and equitable solutions for all parties involved in cases of Nazi persecution-related withdrawals. Due to our many years of activity and our profound academic background here, we are important and aware that those involved in today's cases are still suffering today from the misdeeds of the Nazi era, whether as claimants or claimed.

We always pursue a fair balance of interests between all parties involved in this morally extremely sensitive area. Where the law is no longer sufficient and morality shapes the case, it is crucial to act responsibly and to approach these difficult cases and the associated family fates with respect and dignity.

We know that in such cases it is usually the innocent subsequent generations who are confronted with each other. The full facts of the case can usually no longer be determined.

All the more reason for us to strive for a fair and equitable balance of interests for all parties involved.

We also handle cases from the present day of international cultural property protection.

Questions of restitution of cultural property and real estate are a major focus of THEMIS' legal practice. Dr Hartung has been representing art restitution cases on both sides since 2002.

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