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Competition law / intellectual property law

THEMIS advises and represents clients nationwide in the field of intellectual property law, in particular competition law. In addition, the spectrum of our activities in intellectual property law includes trade mark, utility model and design law.

You have been warned by a competitor or even received an injunction? You have noticed questionable advertising and/or business practices of your competitors?

We can help you and thus also the fair competition!

We have already successfully defended against a large number of unjustified warnings or unjustified legal claims on behalf of our clients and successfully enforced our own claims. This includes extensive legal proceedings before almost every competent district court in Germany.

Particularly in preliminary injunction proceedings, knowledge of the regional peculiarities and the respective OLG case law is indispensable, as there is no (nationally uniform) appellate court in this area and in this respect the case law can vary greatly depending on the OLG district. Likewise, we consistently assert our clients' interests in enforcing the claims to which they are entitled - for example, through warning letters, interim injunctions or lawsuits.


Focal points of our activities:

  • Defence against unjustified warnings
  • Warning against anti-competitive behaviour by competitors
  • Preparation and filing of protective letters
  • Nationwide representation in court in the context of preliminary injunction proceedings and proceedings on the merits of a case
  • In particular, enforcement of claims for injunctive relief, information and damages
  • Examination and monitoring of your advertising or other business activities for compatibility with the UWG in particular
  • Preparation of closing letters; advice on the submission of closing statements
  • Registration and supervision of trademarks, designs and registered designs
  • Enforcement of trademark rights

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