Copyright & Media Law

Cultural creation and its promotion and exploitation is the basic livelihood of many of Themis' mandates.

An important focus of the daily legal work of the lawyers at THEMIS is copyright advice and representation in all sectors of the media and cultural industries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the following areas:

Media law
Law of the Cultural Industries
Press and publishing law
Acting Law 
Film law
Music law
Stage and theatre law
Designer law

Main focus

Our clients include creators and performing artists in the fields of visual arts, design, theatre, music, film and performing arts/ drama.

Contractual arrangements

  • in particular licensing and contracts for authors and beneficiaries of ancillary copyrights (in particular actors, singers, musicians,...)


  • Copyright infringements and defence against them (including peer to peer, file sharing)

Actions for injunctive relief and damages

  • (in particular also in the case of buy-out) for authors and ancillary copyright holders or the defence of the same

Our experts 

for copyright and media law

Dr Hannes Hartung has also taught copyright and media law at LMU Munich and KFU Graz (Karl Franzens University) since 2006. He also has the necessary theoretical knowledge to become a specialist lawyer for copyright and media law according to the Specialist Lawyers' Act. These were taught in a course of the Institute for Copyright and Media Law and examined in writing.

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