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"Addicted to Art, Culture & Heritage."

Themis is one of the nationally recognised law firms for art law and cultural law. Our work has been recognised several times by ACQ Global Awards, CorporateINTL, Acquisition International and Global Law Experts.

Dr Hannes Hartung began practising art law back in 2000, when the subject was still very much in its infancy. Two decades later, THEMIS is now one of the nationwide recognised boutiques for art, culture and media.

We advise and represent majors of art & culture of all disciplines and in the protection of historical monuments in all three German-speaking jurisdictions.

Art law

Over 20 years of experience with collectors, art lovers, auction houses, galleries, art advisors, asset managers, etc.

Authentication (authenticity procedure)
- Inclusion in works catalogues
Restitution (art theft, looted art);
- international protection of cultural property

Transaction (art purchase and art fund)

Our experts 

for Art & Cultural Law

About our experts

Dr Hannes Hartung is one of the few lawyers in Germany who has dedicated himself to all cultural fields (art, theatre, music, opera, literature, design) with proven expertise, an interdisciplinary advisory approach and scientific standards. Our well-known and renowned clientele benefits from our comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach as well as our background in cultural studies.

Attorney-at-law Dr. Andreas Cwitkovits represents the needs of his upscale clientele in the areas of art & private clients throughout Austria from Vienna.

In Switzerland, we have been working successfully with renowned art lawyers for years.

Specialist information / FAQ

International protection of cultural property

"This is our history, this is our soul" - Melina Mercuri on the Elgin Marbles

The protection of culture and architectural monuments and the support of their owners is close to THEMIS' heart. In these areas, too, we are among the few law firms with pronounced specialisation and relevant experience.

The focal points of our work here are
  • International protection of cultural property: repatriation of looted art treasures, especially in the field of archaeology
  • Advice to authorities and institutions
  • Comprehensive advice and representation of monument owners on conversions and measures on the monument or in the vicinity of the monument, for the realisation of tax benefits within the scope of redevelopment projects and conversions.

International Art, and Copyright and Cultural Law

  • Authentication (authenticity procedure in the context of the attribution of art objects in catalogues raisonnés)
  • Restitution of looted cultural property (looted art, looted art, illegal transfer of cultural property)
  • Transaction (professional mergers & acquisitions in the art market) including the conception of art funds (also abroad)
  • Assistance in the settlement of art damages and comprehensive art law advice in civil and administrative law
  • Art criminal law, project-related in cooperation with renowned specialist lawyers

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