Article by Dr. Hannes Hartung, lawyer, in the NJW: Ways to a just and fair solution in the case of Nazi looted art

Recent article by RA DR. Hannes Hartung in the Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW) in the

Focus Issue on Literature, Art and Law from 05.03.2020

The smouldering and still unresolved looted art debate has been on the minds of many since the discovery of the Gurlitt Collection in Schwabing.

The third edition of a new handbook on dealing with looted art in Germany was only published in December 2019.

RA DR. Hartung examines the handout and explores the question of whether it - as a mere recommendation - is sufficient to solve the challenges in Germany.

The progress made in provenance research in Germany is impressive. Unfortunately, the law is lagging far behind, although since 2002 the policy has been

is called upon by the Federal Council within the framework of the major reform of the law of obligations to create special rules here, especially in the area of limitation.

You can use the Access and read the article by RA Dr. Hartung here (Deep Link to NJW/ CHBeck)

For colleagues, here is the reference: Hartung NJW 2020 of 5 March 2020, pp. 718-721

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