Article by Dr Hartung in the Welt on the US Supreme Court ruling on the Guelph treasure

In the WELT of 05.02.2021, RA Dr. Hannes Hartung comments on the Supreme Court's ruling on the #reasure of the elves.
The article is entitled: U-turn at the Supreme Court: Germany must finally bear responsibility itself.

You can read the article here:
Hartung U-turn at the Supreme Court_ What the Welfenschatz ruling means for Germany - WELTI

Also the Perlentaucher picks up on our article and writes:

Cultural policy
The Supreme Court of the USA has ruled: The dispute that has been going on since 2008 about the Guelph treasure (Our résumés) cannot be argued in an American court that it is a "domestic matter", the US has to stay out of global legal issues. The ruling marks a "Turning point", writes the lawyer who specialises in looted art cases. Hannes Hartung in the World: "The ruling will put a huge stop to numerous American lawyers in their efforts to bring domestic German cases before American courts. This is to be welcomed, but should be seen as an opportunity in Germany, finally taking responsibility yourself to take over: We should finally settle looted art cases fairly and justly ourselves. What is urgently needed for this is a Looted Art Act and if possible also a specialised courtA nationally competent looted art chamber at a higher regional court, which would deal with these cases within a binding legal framework. So far, however, Germany has done nothing in this regard within the framework of the rule of law, but only on a voluntary basis. To this day, it is not possible to sue for the restitution of looted art before German courts, although the Bundesrat (Federal Council) already admonished in 2002 that one must own limitation rules for looted art."

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