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Art Law in Austria

Concealed defect and duty to give notice of defects: challenge of error after purchase of a forgery Substantial error as to authenticity The later plaintiff, an art trading company, purchased an oil painting advertised as an original at an auction. The auctioneer (later sued for repayment of the purchase price) assumed the authenticity of the painting and stated this not only in the catalogue but also to the plaintiff [...]

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Publications by RA Dr. Hartung

A small selection of publications. The detailed list and curriculum vitae can be found here.Lectures with download options can be found here. An introduction to art law (co-published in the directory "Der deutsche Wirtschaftsanwalt 2008/2009) can be found here. In the Culture Blog you will find current articles and commentaries, currently on art law. Published by de Gruyter Recht, Berlin 2005 Contribution "Restitution of [...]

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Art & Law by Dr Hannes Hartung

Introduction Art and law is a pair of terms that at first glance hardly harmonises: while law stands for a fixed, predictable set of norms to solve conflicts of interest in the most balanced but precise way possible, art often does not want to be so precise. This tension has also given rise to an extremely attractive field of law in this country, which is dedicated to practical [...]

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